Pool Contractor Insurance

Pool Contractor Insurance/Pool Insurance Specialists.

Locating the proper coverage for Pool Industry Contractors can be daunting task. There are so many different combinations of coverage and special endorsements that options can be overwhelming and frustrating.    Especially, when claim time does come and your Policy  is not sufficient to cover your specific claim.

Our only  pursuit here a Pool Insurance Specialists is providing the Right coverage for Swimming Pool Contractors.  Whether you are a C-53 General or one of the Pool Subcontractors we can help.  We have access to all Carriers that have an appetite for writing Insurance in our Swimming Pool arena.

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Insurance coverage specifically for pool contractors.

We  have been writing the Insurance for the Swimming Pool Industry since 1988.  We began with the original “Pool Pak” Program written by American Eagle and have now branched out to over 15 different Carriers that we feel can meet any Pool Contractors Insurance needs.

We can write not only your General Liability, but also your Workers Comp, Auto, Equipment and Property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Subsidence Coverage. Is it a coverage that I should consider?

Pool Pop Up Coverage. Does my current policy include or exclude?

Is Design Liability something I need to consider?

If I am a C-53, should I have my Subcontractors sign a Hold Harmless Agreement in my favor?

If one of my Subcontractors let their insurance Lapse and I am not notified, do I have coverage on their operations.