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Security Guard Insurance

Security Guard Insurance

Why Choose Us

The trusted leader for security guard insurance

GuardPro Insurance is a specialized division of Venture Pacific for security guard insurance. Finding an affordable and effective insurance policy for your security guard company may seem like a daunting task, but here at GuardPro we are dedicated to aiding you and your company through the process every step of the way until your employees and your assets are completely protected.

  • The trusted leader for security guard insurance
  • Free online quotes
  • Available for Armed & Unarmed Guards
  • Personalized Customer Service You Can Trust

Types of Insurance Coverage

Security Guard Workers Compensation Insurance

• Rates as low as low $5.00 per $100 dollars of Payroll for Ca Code 7721
• Carriers Rated A+ XV by AM Best
• Coverage available for all states
• Armed and unarmed guards
• Rates dependent upon individual loss history and size of the account

Security Guard  General Liability Insurance

• Carriers are A XV rated or better by AM Best.
• Available nationwide
• Excellent rates rated on either guard hours or payroll
• Wage freeze available
• Armed and unarmed guards
• Non-auditable policy

Security Guard Commercial Auto Insurance

• Available in all states
• High limits available
• Hired and non owned autos
• Competitive rates
• Symbol 1 available

Security Guard Bonding

• All types

Security Guard Group Health Insurance

• Available Nationwide

“We’ve been with GuardPro for over 4 years now. Craig is always happy to help. Thanks for the great service.”

Chuck — Texas

Protect your security company with the right type of insurance from GuardPro

The unique nature of the security guard industry
In order to provide our clients with the absolute best coverage, we strive to understand the unique nature of the security guard industry.  These companies are subject to a wide array of difficulties and that is why we are proud to take the time to recognize the concerns and budget of each business before creating a policy that will suit their own needs.

Friendly Agents and affordable insurance policies
No matter what your insurance needs may be, our experienced and friendly agents are ready to help.  Beginning with our affordable general liability and umbrella insurance policies, you can rest assured in the fact that your company will not suffer a crippling financial blow in the event of an injury, accident, or legal battle.  These policies will immediately kick in during any number of ordeals including injuries to employees, auto accidents, civil trials and much more.  With insurance offerings in all 50 states, your company will have access to policies with up to $1 million or more in coverage.

Armed and unarmed security guards
For clients that have been on the search for policies that will fill in gaps in their current coverage, GuardPro can help you find the low-cost security guard insurance that will be required throughout the years for automobile accidents, injuries and more.  This includes workers’ compensation that will allow you to meet all state requirements in the event that one of your employees are injured.  These policies will fill any financial needs for expenses ranging from medical bills to loss of wages.  Low rates are available in all 50 states and we provide policies for both armed and unarmed security guards.

In addition to workers’ compensation, GuardPro also offers affordable options for group health insurance, bonding, business auto coverage and general liability insurance. We are proud to offer carriers that are rated A + XV by AM best and this means that you are receiving world-class coverage at some of the most affordable prices that are currently available today.