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Security Guard Workers' Comp Insurance

Security Guard Workers’ Comp Insurance

Every single state within the country is home to complex workers’ compensation laws that require nearly every company to maintain extensive financial responsibility for their employees’ health.

If you are currently not covered with workers’ compensation insurance for your security guard company or believe that you may be paying too much for your current coverage, the experienced agents at GuardPro Insurance are here to help.  We have worked exclusively within the security guard and private investigation sector for many years and understand the nuances that can make these policies so complex.  Here is a closer look at some of the benefits that you will experience with workers’ compensation insurance from GuardPro and the expenses that these policies will cover.

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When beginning the process of acquiring workers’ compensation insurance, the first step is to identify the exact laws that will apply to your security guard company.  State laws vary slightly and it is essential to the success of your company to understand which of these laws will affect your own business.  For those that are unsure about the workers’ compensation laws within their own state, our agents are here to answer all of your questions before helping you find the affordable and comprehensive policies that you need.

Protect your business and employees with the right insurance policy

These insurance offerings are designed to protect your business from any financial hardship in the event of an injury or sickness of an employee.  Security guards and private investigators are under a constant threat of injury, and even a minor accident could become a major burden to any company that does not have a comprehensive insurance plan for their employees.  At no point can a business require their staff and employees to pay for their own workers’ compensation insurance premiums, and that is why it is essential to look at the most affordable carriers that put your company’s interests first.

When an employee is injured or becomes sick, these policies will immediately kick in to help cover the initial medical costs such as hospital visits, checkups, and various tests that may need to be conducted.  If the injury is more severe, the premiums that have been paid over the years will also be distributed to pay for disability benefits, survivor’s benefits, and rehabilitation.  By doing this, your company’s wealth and assets will not be at risk any time that an employee requires these services.

Insurance that’s both robust and affordable

Finding affordable workers’ compensation insurance is no simple task and our agents are ready to work closely by your side to find a policy that will work for your own unique needs and budget.  This includes meeting all state mandates for the amount of coverage that is provided and avoiding any future fines, civil penalties, or criminal penalties.

Contact us today

Whether you are just now creating your business from the ground up or are looking to save money by switching to a new insurance provider, GuardPro is proud to work with carriers rated A+ XV by AM Best, and this means that you can rely on the quality of services that you are receiving.  Contact us today to receive your own personalized quote for workers’ compensation insurance, group health insurance, business auto insurance, bonding, and more.


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