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Security Guard General Liability Insurance

Security Guard General Liability Insurance

No matter the size of your security guard company or how long you have been in operation, it is time to begin protecting your employees, your resources, and physical assets with general liability insurance.

General liability is often the most important form of coverage that we offer, and it could save you and your business from countless headaches in the future.  Here is a closer look at these types of policies and a few of the benefits that you will immediately notice if you choose a company that has been proudly insuring security guard businesses for over 20 years.

When taking that first step in finding security guard insurance for one’s company, it will not take long to notice just how many choices there are to make.  In addition to finding the correct carrier, a company will also need to decide which types of insurance policies will fit their own needs as well as their budget.  Those that opt for a second-rate plan may find themselves locked into an expensive contract that could drain profits for years on end.  This is why we always suggest that security guard companies go with a provider that has experience in their own particular industry as well as take the extra time to ensure that the coverage is exactly what they require.

Protect your security company with a general liability insurance policy

One of the most invaluable forms of policies that we offer is general liability insurance, an option that will protect you against a wide array of circumstances that are sure to take place in the future.  Due to the nature of a security guard company, your employees and your physical assets are under a constant threat, and general liability insurance will protect them in the event of any accident, damage, or injuries.  When even a single injury could put your company in jeopardy of bankruptcy, these policies will immediately kick in with comprehensive coverage of up to $1 million or more.

With carriers that are A XV rated or better by AM Best, these policies will also provide financial assistance to you and your company in the event of a civil or criminal trial that puts your business under strain.  General liability insurance will assist you in the event of personal injury to employees, bystanders, and clients as well as coverage for slander, false arrests, and even libel.  While every company hopes for the best in these situations, it is absolutely essential to prepare for the worst when it comes to traumatic accidents, civil trials, or criminal trials.  The agents here at GuardPro are prepared to speak closely with you and your company to figure out exactly what level of coverage will be right for you.

Along with our affordable general liability policies, we are also proud to provide our clients with some of the leading options for umbrella insurance that will kick in for all injuries, accidents, and legal expenses.  For those that are currently covered but would like to fill in gaps in their policies or increase their total coverage, contact GuardPro for information regarding business auto insurance, group health insurance, bonding, and much more.


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