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A Closer Look at the Cost of Security Guard Insurance

Cost of Security Guard Insurance

What sets us apart from the competition is the amount of time that we invest into every single one of our clients so that they get the absolute best coverage with some of the lowest insurance costs possible.

When it comes to your security guard insurance cost, even the smallest of details will allow us to make changes to your policy that could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the coming years. If you would like to know more about the general costs of insuring your security guard company, here is a closer look at which features will affect the final premiums of your policy and the steps that we will take to ensure that you have coverage that works for your own needs and budget.

Coverage and overall cost of insurance premiums

Whether you have recently begun the process of finding a security guard insurance program for a new company, are looking to switch providers, or interested in filling in gaps in current coverage, it is important to take a careful look at these policies to ensure that you are adhering to state mandates while not overspending. The most important factor that will dictate the overall cost of your insurance premiums is the type of coverage that is acquired. For those that would like an affordable option to cover any number of expenses with injuries, civil suits, and even deaths, general liability insurance is often the first choice. These policies have been designed to keep a company’s assets protected in the case of any number of ordeals that are sure to take place in the future. This includes injuries to employees, clients, and bystanders as well as minor legal costs in the event of civil or criminal trials.

The need for a full line of coverage

While affordable, general liability insurance will not always cover the costs of more severe accidents or legal battles, and umbrella insurance can be used as supplemental insurance in these instances. With trials and out-of-court settlements often moving into the range of millions of dollars, an additional umbrella policy could potentially mean the difference between a thriving security guard company and bankruptcy. Additional insurance can also be purchased for any specialized needs of the company. Group health insurance is not only a popular option for enticing the best employees, it is also one of the most important steps when it comes to the productivity and health of one’s staff. Other options we offer here at GuardPro include bonding for upcoming projects and auto coverage for all private, hired, rented, or owned vehicles that are used during the course of business.

Cost factors and considerations

By filling out just a few questions, our experienced agents can have a specialized security guard insurance coverage quote to you in moments. We take countless factors into consideration so that you are not only protected against any eventuality but also paying some of the lowest premiums that are available today. This includes variables such as if your guards are armed or unarmed, the amount of guard hours that are worked per month, the location of one’s business, and the amount employees on your payroll.

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