Workers Compensation Solutions

High Mod Workers Compensation Solutions from XMODFix

We help companies with mods ranging from 110 to as high as 750 formulate a plan to get them back under 100 and in line with their competitors.

Our program is a fit regardless of work comp class code or premium size.

We utilize work comp specific software and computer programs to help identity issues specific to your company to help you drive down your mod.

Tired of waiting to the last minute to get your quotes and being shocked by your premium increase? We can get you an estimate that will be within 5% of your premium up to 6 months in advance by answering 5 questions.

Our work comp consultants are incentivized solely by making progress on claims, closing out claims, and lowering your ex mod. We have found this to be the most proven method in the marketplace.

We work with over 10 carriers that do not have a mod threshold.