Roofing Contractor Insurance

If you are ready to keep your employees safe and protect the business that you have worked so hard to create, it is time to consider affordable and comprehensive roofers insurance.

Those that work within this industry are under a constant threat of serious mishaps ranging from employees being injured to legal battles with past clients. This is why our experienced agents are dedicated to not only providing you with unparalleled coverage, but to also ensuring that your business will maintain manageable growth over the years.

Every second that is spent without roofing contractor insurance is a just one more chance that a financial or medical disaster could take place. Without the proper general liability insurance in place even a single injury to an employee or a client could put all of your company’s assets at risk. When a mishap does take place, general liability insurance will immediately kick in to cover many of the medical expenses that will arise. This often begins with emergency room visits or ambulance rides before any procedures ever take place. Within a single moment an accident could rack up tens of thousands of dollars in bills that will immediately put your company under threat of major financial hardships.

Protect your roofing company with the right insurance!

Many insurance providers consider roofing to be a high-risk job and this means that some baseline quotes could move well out of the company’s budget. That is why our experienced agents are here to help you through this process.  Unlike many other providers that only look at insuring a roofing business as an afterthought, we specialize in this industry and are ready to provide unparalleled support and coverage.  This begins with a simple online form that will allow us to gather your business’s information and then create a customized plan that will be right for you.

Everything from the state that you will be conducting business in to the number of employees that are on the payroll could allow us to lower your monthly payments! While larger providers may only offer inefficient cookie-cutter policies, we are ready to work through the smallest of details that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single year.  Even if you currently possess a policy for your roofing business our agents can take a closer look at your coverage to lower your rates or add additional insurance where needed.

General liability coverage is only the beginning and you can also protect the finances and health of your employees by offering affordable group health insurance.  These policies can be custom-made to cover onsite and offsite injuries along with a host of other medical costs including hospital visits, procedures, medication and more.  Some of our other popular offerings include bonding, vehicle coverage and umbrella policies.

If you and your employees are ready to begin enjoying the many benefits of “A” rated insurance our agents are ready to help.  Contact Venture Pacific Insurance Services to acquire any number of policies that will protect your company, your assets, your employees and your reputation.

We offer tailored Insurance solutions for the following lines of coverage:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Business Auto Insurance
  • Excess & Umbrella Insurance
  • Group Health, Life & Disability Insurance